Messy Play Dinosaur Dig Messy Play Kit

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Dinosaur Dig Messy Play Kit

Messy Play Kits are like science kits for kids but even more hands-on, messier, and all fun!

This Dinosaur themed kit includes the following activities:

1) Build an erupting volcano
2) Hatch colorful dinosaur eggs
3) Make your own dinosaur fossils

The Kit comes with materials and instructions for these three activities, as well as an affiliated website with detailed photo instructions, educational resources, and extra ideas for learning games for kids you can play with your child. You'll be able to see how your child is learning through play, how you can extend their learning, and enjoy quality time together. Who knows, maybe you'll end up playing dinosaur games in the bathtub and creating a small world with the Erupting Volcanoes and Dinosaur Eggs!!!

Contains non-toxic, washable materials.

Ages: 3+ years