Forest Friends Magnetic Maze


HABA Forest Friends Magnetic Maze

Who would like to go for a walk through the forest? Junior explorers can use the magnetic rod to slide the small colored balls over the treetops and through the undergrowth to the appropriate forest animal. For example, the three white balls become eggs in the bird‘s nest. It’s great fun, and it teaches children the colors as well as the numbers from 1 to 6. 

  • Perfect for travel!
  • Develops color and number recognition skills.

The HABA Forest Friends Magnetic Maze is a charming toy targeted at young children, offering several educational benefits:

  • Fine Motor Skills and Dexterity: This is a key area of development for young children. The maze challenges them to use the magnetic wand to maneuver the balls precisely. This grasping, twisting, and controlled movement helps strengthen the small muscles in their hands and wrists, improving hand-eye coordination as well.

  • Problem-Solving and Strategic Thinking: The maze presents a physical challenge that requires planning and strategizing. Children will experiment with different techniques to guide the balls through the paths, learning trial and error and cause-and-effect.

  • Color and Number Recognition: The HABA Forest Friends Magnetic Maze include colorful balls and numbered spaces within the maze paths. This can introduce young children to basic color identification and counting.

  • Patience and Persistence: Mazes can be tricky! Youngsters will likely encounter moments of frustration as they navigate the balls. The toy encourages them to develop patience and persistence as they keep trying different approaches to reach the goal.

  • Sensory Play: The combination of colorful visuals, the smooth glide of the magnetic balls, and the satisfying "clunk" when they reach their destination provides a stimulating sensory experience for young children.

Ages: 2+ years