Glove Puppet Dragon Eat-it-up

Tipo: Hand Puppets

HABA Glove Puppet Dragon Eat-it-up

  • This hilarious hand puppet comes with a built-in belly bag, allowing it to "eat" small objects and make them disappear to the delight of children everywhere.
  • A favorite of educators around the world, HABA's monster puppet has been known to eat letters, numbers and words.... bringing a little extra fun to each day of learning!
  • This charming puppet has eyes that move independently, another feature that makes him extra fun and engaging to audiences.
  • Pro tip: place your index finger and pinkie into the eye stems to move the eyes, while the middle two fingers and thumb work the mouth. It takes a little practice, but you'll be a pro in no time!
  • Made of polyester. Measures 15.75" tall and is machine washable on cold/delicate. Do not tumble dry.

Age: 18+ months