SmartGames IQ Circuit

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SmartGames IQ Circuit Game

Can you connect the dots without short circuiting your brain?

Place all the puzzle pieces on the game board to create paths. Includes 120 challenges across 5 levels - from Starter to Wizard!

Age: 8+

Challenges: 120

Inside the box:

  • Game board with lid
  • 10 double-sided puzzle pieces
  • Booklet with 120 challenges and solutions

What the experts say: Playing IQ Circuit stimulates the following cognitive skills:  Concentration, Logic, Problem Solving.

SmartGames IQ Circuit offers a fun and engaging way to develop various cognitive skills across different age groups, making it educationally valuable for both children and adults. Here's a breakdown of its key educational benefits:

Cognitive Skills:

  • Logic and Problem-Solving: Each challenge requires carefully thinking about how to connect the dots using the puzzle pieces without creating short circuits. This strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Spatial Reasoning: Visualizing how the pieces fit together and how they affect the path of the "electricity" on the board is crucial for success. This enhances spatial reasoning, which benefits various disciplines like math, geometry, and engineering.
  • Planning and Anticipation: Players need to strategize their placements ahead of time and consider how their choices will affect the connections on the board. This hones planning and anticipation skills, valuable for real-life decision-making.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyzing different solutions, identifying dead ends, and adapting to different challenges fosters critical thinking skills.

Additional Benefits:

  • Focus and Concentration: Completing the challenges requires sustained attention and focus, improving concentration skills.
  • Patience and Persistence: Some challenges are tricky, requiring patience and persistence to find the solution. This builds resilience and determination.
  • Self-Confidence: Successfully solving challenges, especially difficult ones, can boost self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


  • Age Range: While targeted at 8+, younger children with strong spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills can benefit with adult guidance.
  • Customization: Different difficulty levels allow tailoring the challenges to individual skill levels, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced puzzlers.
  • Individual Learning: The self-paced nature of the game allows individuals to learn at their own pace and revisit challenges for further practice.

SmartGames IQ Circuit provides a stimulating and enjoyable way to exercise and develop valuable cognitive skills, making it a worthwhile educational tool for individuals of varying ages and skill levels. Its focus on logic, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning makes it particularly beneficial for those wanting to strengthen these crucial abilities.

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. 

 Warning Small parts