Knight's Castle Sand Bucket


Playmobil Knight's Castle Sand Bucket

Who builds the biggest and most beautiful sandcastle? This is often the decisive question in the sandbox in summer. With the "Knight's Castle Sand Bucket" creative set young builders can now design their own castle according to their own ideas: Drawbridge, moat, knight's crest, anything is possible. Simply fill the bucket with sand and in no time, you have a great castle. Of course, a knight and a horse are also included in the set. Great PLAYMOBIL fun in the sandbox! The creative set contains a bucket, a sieve, a shovel, a sand mold "castle wall", as well as sand stamps with "knight's coat of arms" to decorate the castle.

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 playsets are divided into three learning stages and can thus support the child’s development in their first years of life. New combination possibilities and additions within the playsets make the contents exciting again and again, helping children grow over several years.

Figures: 1 Knight

Animals: 1 horse

Accessories: 1 bucket, 1 sieve, 1 shovel, 1 castle gate with drawbridge, 1 sand mould "castle wall", 1 sand stamp "knight's coat of arms"

Age: 1 1/2+ Years