Let's Write and Wipe Numbers


Learning Numbers with Banana Panda Let's Write and Wipe Numbers

This 56-page write-on, wipe-off card set is designed to captivate and stimulate curious preschoolers.

With creative tasks such as tracing lines and connecting dots, these cards provide graphomotor exercises to improve fine motor skills and logical thinking. They also develop visual memory, imagination and creativity skills essential for writing, reading, and counting.

The portable design makes it easy to take anywhere, allowing kids to have great fun and discover future learning benefits.

Ages: 3+ years

Product Features:

  • Great educational value – two-stage creative play introduces kids to numbers.
  • Encourages kids to learn new words and expand their knowledge of the world.
  • Supports fine motor skills and precision.
  • Trains the proper grip for writing.
  • Develops logical thinking skills.

Product Specifications:

Set contains:

  • 2 coloring and sticker books/ 24 pages
  • 10 puzzles/ 20 pieces

Packaging dimensions:
16,5×20×4,5cm/ 6.5×8×1.5”