Little Friends Donkey Esel


HABA Little Friends Donkey Esel

This friendly Little Friends donkey works hard on the farm or at the homestead with the rest of the Little Friends farm world crew. The perfect companion to Farmer Frantz and Farmer Johanna and all the farm world animals.

  • He may be a little stubborn, but the Little Friends Donkey has a heart of gold and can always be convinced to help when the Little Friends need stuff hauled around.
  • Measuring 3.75" Long x 3.5" tall, this chunky plastic donkey makes a great companion to the Little Friends farmers Franz & Johanna and the other HABA Little Friends people and farm animals (sold separately).
  • Made of safe rubbery plastic, Little Friends animals are durable and easy to clean. They stand up to rough play but have a softness and flexibility that rigid hard plastic figures lack.
  • HABA Little Friends animals make great companions at the breakfast table, in the garden, sandbox or swimming pool.......anywhere the imagination takes them!
  • At HABA, children's safety is #1 priority. HABA Little Friends toys are made with safe materials and rigorously tested according to European and American testing standards for toys. 

Age: 3+ Years