Logic! CASE Starter Set 7+

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Logic! CASE Starter Set 7+

Stretch, flex, and challenge your brain with these innovative logic puzzle sets. Visually compelling, the Logic! CASE Starter Set includes 77 challenging puzzles that are specifically designed for learners ages 7 and up to decipher and solve. The Logic Puzzle Sets are created for independent problem solving. All puzzles are designed without words to encourage inferential thinking.

Kids can check if they got the correct answer by plugging in the included wooden peg into one of the puzzle case’s bottom four holes. If the card can pull out of the case, then the answer is correct, if not, keep thinking!

Designed for on-the-go learning and travel. The blue string that holds the wooden peg can be wrapped around the cards and the cord stopper will keep everything secure when not in use.


  • Inferential thinking
  • Observation and non-verbal processing skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking, concentration, and focus
  • Independent learning through play

Set includes: 40 puzzle cards with 77 puzzles, 1 puzzle box, 1 wooden peg with string and cord stopper, set of instructions.

Age: 7 Years and Up