PicassoTiles® 80pc School, Hospital, and Police Station Theme Set PTA06 (No Tiles)


PicassoTiles 3-in-1 Theme Set: Fire up your kids' creativity with a school, hospital, and police station set! Magnets and adhesive backing make a powerful combo for brain-boosting STEM & construction play. PTA06

Learning is a Joy! Playing brings brain development, problem-solving, and coordination. Our 80-piece set of magnetic tiles, including a car/truck, plus 3 overlay maps of a school, hospital, and police station, enriches learning for young children with STEM science, math, and art! Stimulate their creativity and spark their imaginations - their masterpieces will astound! Group play promotes teamwork, with hours of fun and learning. All pieces are certified child-safe, BPA-free, lead-free, and non-toxic. Our open-ended play encourages limitless possibilities!

In the Box:

  • Hospital Set Stick-On x27
  • School Set Stick-On x24
  • Police Station Stick-On x22

Ages: 3+ years