Tin Can Cable Car

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4M Tin Can Cable Car

Recycle a drink can to make a unique cable car! Install it in your bedroom and watch it run to and from, up and down.

The 4M Tin Can Cable Car is a fun and educational project that introduces core STEM concepts, basic mechanics, and valuable life skills in a way that's engaging and rewarding for young learners.

  • STEM in Action: This kit falls under the category of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning. By building the cable car, kids get a practical understanding of these concepts. They'll see how science principles like gravity and friction play a role, explore the technology behind simple machines like wheels and axles, and apply engineering ideas in designing the structure. Additionally, following the instructions and making adjustments fosters math skills.
  • Introduction to Mechanics: The cable car acts as a miniature model of real-world cable car systems used for transportation. Kids can learn about basic mechanics like weight distribution, how pulleys and axles work together to create movement, and the concept of inclined planes.
  • Upcycling Creativity: The kit encourages reusing a tin can, promoting the idea of upcycling and giving new life to old objects. This can spark creativity in finding alternative uses for everyday things.
  • Following Instructions and Building Skills: Following the step-by-step instructions to assemble the cable car hones a child's ability to follow directions – a crucial skill in many aspects of life. They'll also develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through the building process.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Building a working cable car provides a great sense of accomplishment. Seeing their creation zip along the line motivates them and builds their confidence in their abilities.

Contains: 1 wheel support, 1 reversing shaft, 2 cable stop halves sets (4pcs), 1 medium pulley wheel, 1 large pulley wheel, 1 motor housing, 1 battery cover, 1 string, 2 elastic bands, 1 large wheel locks, 1 medium wheel spindle, 1 motor pulley wheel, 1 motor cover, 1 motor, 2 side wheel locks, 2 side wheels, 1 swivel joint lock, 4 terminal caps, 4 screws, 1 can spindle, 1 can sticker.

Also requires 2 "AAA" batteries (not included). You will need to recycle a used soda can to complete the project. Screwdriver for cross head screws required from home, please ask an adult for assistance.

Ages: 8+ years