TrainBots: 2-in-1 STEAM Maker Kit


Thames & Kosmos TrainBots: 2-in-1 STEAM Maker Kit

Choo choo! TrainBots coming through! 

All aboard! Put on your engineer’s cap and build your own steampunk-style train robot with amazing steam effects.

You can build your TrainBot in two different configurations: a rolling train and a walking robot. Turn it on and watch it go, with cool water vapor “steam” billowing from its chimney, lit up in a fiery orange glow. This retro-futuristic model is packed with modern technology, including an electric motor, LED lights, circuit board, and an innovative ultrasonic atomizer that transforms tap water into the fine mist that rises from the chimney. Learn about how the ultrasonic atomizer works, about the differences between fog, smoke, and steam, and about the steampunk craze. The experiment manual includes step-by-step assembly instructions as well as a fun, comic-book-style story that brings the TrainBots to life.

  • Build your own funky, steampunk-themed robots that emit a safe, cool steam that mimics a real-life locomotive.
  • Two robots to choose from: a rolling train or a walking robot; move a few pieces to go back and forth between each configuration quickly and with ease.
  • An LED light illuminates the water vapor for a dazzling steam engine effect.
  • Includes an electric motor, circuit board, and ultrasonic atomizer that helps teach kids about ultrasonic and sound waves as well as phases of matter.
  • Manual includes a fun, comic-book-style story that adds to the play value of the kit and brings the models to life.

The Thames & Kosmos TrainBots: 2-in-1 STEAM Maker Kit is a valuable tool for introducing young minds to various scientific and engineering concepts in a fun and engaging way. It sparks curiosity, encourages problem-solving, and fosters creativity through the process of building and playing with robots.

The Thames & Kosmos TrainBots: 2-in-1 STEAM Maker Kit offers a fun way for young minds to explore and learn through hands-on building and scientific principles. Here's a breakdown of its educational value across the STEAM spectrum:

Science (S):

  • Mechanics: Building the TrainBots introduces basic concepts of mechanics like gears, levers, and how they create movement in different configurations (train vs. walking robot).
  • Physics: The kit utilizes an ultrasonic atomizer to create a cool "steam" effect. This can spark curiosity about sound waves and how vibrations can create mist.

Technology (T):

  • Circuitry: The TrainBots include a circuit board and an electric motor. Following the instructions allows children to understand the basic idea of circuits and how they power the robot's functions.
  • Ultrasonic Technology: The ultrasonic atomizer demonstrates a real-world application of this technology, albeit in a simplified way.

Engineering (E):

  • Following Instructions: Building the TrainBots requires following step-by-step instructions, a crucial skill for future engineers.
  • Design Thinking: The kit offers two robot configurations, encouraging children to think about design choices and their impact on functionality.

Art (A):

  • Steampunk Design: The TrainBots' steampunk aesthetic exposes children to a unique art style that blends Victorian-era machinery with fantastical elements.

Math (M):

  • Spatial Reasoning: The building process involves visualizing 3D structures from 2D instructions, strengthening spatial reasoning skills.
  • Following Measurements: Following measurements precisely during construction reinforces the importance of accuracy in scientific endeavors.

Ages: 8+ with help; 12+ I got this

  • Experiments: 2
  • Piece Count: 116
  • Manual Pages: 44 pages
  • Batteries Required: AAA (4)

Made in Taiwan


  • 2023 Vehicle of the Year Award Finalist
  • 2023 ASTRA Play Award finalist.
  • Purdue University’s 2023 INSPIRE Engineering Gift Guide