3D Arranging Creative Stones - Wooden Building Blocks


HABA 3D Arranging Creative Stones - Wooden Building Blocks

Calling all creative builders! The different colored wooden building blocks of the Creative Stones 3D arranging game can be used to create a variety of patterns and shapes. But that's not all! The wooden blocks are 3-Dimensional stones that can be recombined to build new structures. And, whether children play alone or with others their imagination will know no bounds.

Teaches: Colors, Shapes, Pattern Recognition, Following Directions, Creativity, Hand/Eye Coordination, Construction, Fine Motor Skills, Geometry


  • 28 colorful wooden building blocks (2 each of 3 colors and 4 each of the remaining 4 colors)
  • 15 double sided sturdy cardboard template cards (with 3 degrees of difficulty)
  • 1 frame measuring 8.5" x 8.5"

Made in Germany of plywood and beech from sustainable forestry and treated with water-based, solvent-free stains. It is great for independent play; the geometric forms help develop spatial understanding and fine motor skills via the medium of play.

 Ages: 2+ years