Flashcards Emotions and Actions Montessori


Flashcards Emotions and Actions Montessori

Multi-activity cards

Play multiple educational games with this set of flashcards: recognize emotions, facial expressions and everyday actions by observing the pictures of the boys and girls. Have some fun mixing them up to make funny faces!

Skills: Identity and autonomy: Recognize and express emotions; Recognize everyday actions; Extend vocabulary; Boost imagination

Main Intelligence: Personal intelligences

Number of players: 1+

Duration: 30 minutes

Contents: 36 cards; Instructions

Ages: 1-4 years

Made in Italy

Overall, the Headu Flashcards Emotions and Actions Montessori toy is a valuable tool for promoting emotional intelligence, language development, social skills, and cognitive growth in young children:

Emotional Intelligence:

  • The flashcards depict children expressing various emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. This helps children identify and recognize their own emotions as well as those of others.
  • By discussing the emotions with children, parents and caregivers can help them understand the causes and consequences of different emotions.
Language Development:
  • The flashcards provide opportunities to learn and practice vocabulary related to emotions and actions.
  • Children can describe the emotions they see on the cards and imitate the actions depicted.
  • This helps them build their expressive and receptive language skills.
Social and Cognitive Development:
  • By understanding emotions, children can better interact with others and build stronger social relationships.
  • The flashcards can be used to teach children about empathy and how to respond to different emotions in a healthy way.
  • Matching games and sorting activities with the flashcards help develop cognitive skills like memory, attention, and categorization.
Sensory Play:
  • The flashcards are made with high-quality, durable materials that are safe for children to touch and explore.
  • This sensory experience can be stimulating for young children and help them learn about the world around them.
Creative Play:
  • The flashcards can be used for imaginative storytelling and role-playing games.
  • Children can create their own scenarios using the emotions and actions depicted on the cards.
  • This encourages creativity and helps children develop their communication skills.