Flashcards Tactile Montessori


Headu Flashcards Tactile Montessori

Observe, touch, feel!

Is it prickly, rough, wolly or smooth? Touch the tactile tiles and link each surface to the matching image.

Skills: Touch and manual skill: Play with sense of touch; Recognize surfaces; Classify objects; Expand vocabulary

Main Intelligence: Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Number of players: 1+

Duration: 30 minutes

Contents: 4 tactile cards; 20 illustrated cards; Instructions

Ages: 1-4 years

Made in Italy

Overall, the Headu Flashcards Tactile Montessori toy provides a stimulating and interactive way for young children to learn through play. It helps with sensory development, fine motor skills, shape and object recognition, matching, memory, language skills, and introduces them to Montessori-based learning principles:

Sensory Exploration and Development:

  • The flashcards feature a variety of textures, such as sandpaper, felt, and smooth surfaces. This engages children's sense of touch, which is crucial for sensory development in early childhood.
 Fine Motor Skills:
  • Handling the flashcards and feeling the different textures helps children develop fine motor skills, which are important for tasks like grasping, writing, and manipulating objects.
Shape and Object Recognition:
  • The flashcards depict various shapes, objects, and letters, familiarizing children with their basic forms and promoting visual recognition skills.
Matching and Memory:
  • Matching the tactile flashcards with their corresponding image cards helps children develop memory and cognitive skills.
Language Learning:
  • The flashcards can be used to introduce new vocabulary words associated with the shapes, objects, and letters presented.
Montessori-Inspired Learning:
  • The toy is based on the Montessori method, which emphasizes hands-on learning and exploration through the senses. This approach encourages children to learn at their own pace and develop a natural curiosity about the world around them.