Jungle Picture


Janod Jungle Picture Brain Teaser 60 Puzzles

This STEM-focused learning game is an excellent tool to aid in children problem-solving. It includes 60 puzzles, from beginner to advanced levels (3 Difficulty Levels), requiring players to sequence colorful animal and flower cards. Solutions for each puzzle are included. No reading necessary! Use in group settings to foster teamwork or take it around town or on a trip for solo play. The cards easily fit in the box for storage and travel. W

With continued use, children can improve their skills and discover a newfound self-confidence that will be beneficial in other areas of their lives. Since 1970, Janod has made it a top priority to create heirloom-quality toys with safety and quality as the utmost values. All Janod products meet the highest European and US standards. Crafted by our French design team, these toys will provide hours of learning and fun.

Ages: 5+ years