Nature's Explorer Kit for Kids


Dan&Darci Nature's Explorer Kit for Kids

The Nature's Explorer Kit is the perfect gift for the curious child! Exciting packaging, tools & a case to carry & store them.  The kit includes quality binoculars, magnifying glass, self-energizing flashlight, handheld fan & multi-tool with 5 functions. Also includes a compass, thermometer, whistle & a quick light. Plus, a guide to Celsius & Fahrenheit.

  • A 9-in-1 educational gift set with beautiful casePerfect for young nature-lovers, this set motivates with exciting packaging, useful tools & practical case. Each tool comes with its own special box for even more joy!
  • Quality case for carrying and storing: Store and carry the tools in the unique, easily opened and tightly closed case. Excite kids with the 9-in-1 package and colorful tools!
  • Binoculars (4x30mm): Explore nature, spy on animals, or bird watch with this shockproof rubber binoculars, w/ rubber eye-protection & neck strap for easy carrying. Includes pocket-sized magnifying glass to study insects.
  • Self-energizing flashlight: Don’t be in the dark camping, traveling, or hiking—the flashlight recharges with cranking, no batteries needed, giving you lifetime light. Learn about energy too! Keep cool with the battery-operated handheld fan and safe soft wings (batteries included).
  • Multi-tool (with 5 functions): Compass: Perfect for learning basic directions and how to read maps. Thermometer: Also learn about Celsius & Fahrenheit with the included guide. Whistle: Have fun playing outdoor games. Instant flashlight: For that moment that you need a quick light. Magnifying glass: An additional specialized magnifying glass. 

Ages: 6+ years