PicassoTiles 6-in-1 STEM Kids Solar Powered UFO Robot Science


PicassoTiles 6-in-1 STEM Kids Solar Powered UFO Robot Science

A stimulating and educational toy that blends STEM concepts with creative play.

The PicassoTiles 6-in-1 STEM Kids Solar Powered UFO Robot Science Kit can offer a variety of educational benefits for children aged 8 and up:

STEM Learning:

  • Solar Power Introduction: The solar-powered aspect introduces kids to renewable energy and how sunlight can be converted into usable energy to power the robot. This sparks an interest in science and alternative energy sources.
  • Building and Engineering: Following instructions and diagrams to construct the different robot designs teaches basic engineering principles like gears, mechanics, and spatial reasoning.

Creativity and Development:

  • Open-ended Designs: The 6-in-1 transformable feature allows for creativity and problem-solving as children experiment with different robot configurations.
  • Imaginative Play: Building a UFO, space station, or other space-themed robots encourages imaginative play and storytelling.

Other Developmental Skills:

  • Fine Motor Skills: Connecting the building tiles requires hand-eye coordination and dexterity, refining fine motor skills.
  • Collaboration: The kit can be a fun group activity, fostering teamwork and communication skills as children build together.

Step by Step Instructions Included

The construction building solar kinetic energy kids robot science kit includes a step-by-step instruction manual to guide young engineers in creating different robotic transformations. The comprehensive idea book reference handbook shows detailed quality illustrations for boys & girls at any age level to encourage learning by playing, foster imagination & self-confidence and to keep children occupied for hours of endless stimulating entertaining creative fun.

2 Sources of Power - Charge and power the engineering robot toys utilizing the solar-power panels added with the toy kit. Without using batteries, the robots use green technology from the solar panel to collect heat energy from the sun and transform it into electric kinetic energy that drives the mechanical motors so each machine gear can operate smoothly. Add one 1.5V AAA battery (not included) to the robotic to charge the motor and play endlessly at night or at any time with no direct sunlight.

Ages: 8+ years

In the Box:

  • Efficient Solar Power Panel
  • Child-Friendly DIY Sets
  • Detailed step by step instruction manual.