SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit


Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

Build unique robots that are powered by the sun - batteries not required! Using a compact solar panel, these cool little bots harness energy from the sun to power an electric motor to get moving. Build a drummer robot that marches along, beating a drum; an armadillo robot that does somersaults; a solar bug that crawls on six legs, and more! The 48-page, full-color manual guides solar power pioneers through model assembly and offers fun scientific facts about the real-life applications of solar technology. What solar-powered inventions will you dream up?

The Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is a fun and engaging way to introduce kids to core STEM concepts, alternative energy sources, and practical engineering skills.

The Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit offers a bunch of educational benefits wrapped up in a fun, build-your-own-robot activity. Here's a breakdown of what kids can learn:

  • Hands-on STEM exploration: This kit dives into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in a practical way. Kids build eight different robots powered by the sun, putting science concepts like solar energy and how it converts to electricity into action. They experiment with engineering principles by following instructions and then trying out different designs.
  • Alternative energy awareness: SolarBots gets kids thinking about alternative energy sources. By building robots that run on sunlight, they learn about the potential of solar power and its real-world applications.
  • Mechanics and problem-solving: Putting the robots together involve understanding basic mechanics like gears and movement. They might encounter challenges during construction, encouraging them to problem-solve and find solutions to get their robots working.
  • Following instructions and perseverance: The kit provides instructions for building various robots. Following these instructions step-by-step is a valuable skill that helps with future projects and learning. Building can be tricky at times, and this kit can help instill perseverance as they work through challenges.

Ages: 6+ years with help; 9+ I got this

  • Experiments: 8
  • Piece Count: 194
  • Manual Pages: 44
  • Batteries Required: N/A

Made in Taiwan


  • 2021 The Toy Association's Construction Toy of the Year Finalist
  • Popular Mechanics’ 2020 Game and Toy Award