Teacher Created Resources Multiplication Flash Cards


Excellent Learning Tool: Help your young learners master their math facts with this set of 170 flash cards.

  • Each box contains 169 multiplication facts cards and 1 instruction card. Every multiplication math fact from 0 x 0 to 12 x 12 is included. Answers are given on the opposite side of each card, allowing students to monitor and self-check their own performance.
  • Useful and Practical: In the classroom, use these cards to teach and review multiplication facts individually, in small groups, or with the entire class. They are also great for homeschool environments. Parents, tutors, and caregivers can offer young learners extra practice at home or on the go with an educational resource that is both practical and portable.
  • Thoughtful Design: These flash cards were designed by teachers for teachers and parents (and kids!). Each set has been created with multiple design features that will make learning, organization, and storage more effective and efficient.
  • Just the Right Size: Each double-sided card measures 3” x 5-3/4". They are large enough to be easily read while also the perfect size to be used as hand-held teaching tools. The numbers and operational signs are the ideal size and thickness for readability and ease of understanding.
  • Double-Sided and Color-Coded: Each of the 169 flash cards contains a multiplication fact on the front and a solved version of the same multiplication fact on the back. This gives the teacher, parent, or student the option of quickly flipping over the card to check the answer. The cards are also color-coded by number family. Use this feature to organize the cards and to customize learning for a specific number family.
  • Easy to Organize, Sort, and Store: Each card has a hole in one corner that can be fit with a ring or string to help with organizing or storing your flash cards. Additionally, that same corner is uniquely shaped, allowing you to quickly line up all of your flash cards so that they are faced in the same direction.
  • ages 8 and up. They can be a powerful tool for helping third graders, fourth graders, or anyone else who can use extra practice and review with their math facts.