L.O.L. Surprise! Secret Message Jewelry Set


L.O.L. Surprise! Secret Message Jewelry - DIY Jewelry Making Craft Kit: share secret messages through jewelry by adding stickers to charms and using the included decoder.

Explore your creativity: choose from over 150 beads and charms to create cool custom pieces.

Jewelry tips & techniques: Create trendy pieces with colorful beads and charms. Mix and match letters and icons to create top-secret messages that can only be decoded with the secret decoding key! 

Surprise inside: open your set to reveal surprise charms.

Kit includes: 1 Surprise Charm, 150 Accent Beds, 16 Slider Charms, 1 Stretchy Band, 2 Skeins of Satin Cording 2 yd. (1.82 m) each, 2 Skeins of Elastic Cording 1 yd. (91.4 cm) each, 2 Sticker Sheets, easy-to-follow instructions.

Ages: 5 + years